Blogophilia Week 52.5 Topic: Skating on Thin Ice

Blogophilia Week 52.5 Topic:  Skating on Thin Ice

Bonus Points: 

(Hard, 2pts):  Incorporate a famous explorer

(Easy, 1pt):  Share a secret

Blogophilia 52.5 undercover
Final date to submit your guesses and to post your blog: February 23rd, 2013 – Saturday, Midnight Pacific Time

Please highlight or otherwise point out your bonus points attempts. Correctly guessing who submitted the topic earns you points, as well as correctly guessing the picture “word or phrase” along with who submitted the picture!! Including the secret word or phrase within your blog content earns an additional point!! Now isn’t that lovely!?!


Guesses:  Undercover, hiding in plain sight, new dew, birds nest, great hair, grunge, just washed it and can’t do a thing with it, bad hair day, antler’s in the tree tops, hidden (is in the blog)

Topic:  David

Picture:  Tyler


“Are you sure we won’t get caught?  I’ve never done anything like this before!”  Zelma whispered as she looked right then left as well as over her shoulder.


“Naw, it’s all closed up for the long weekend, even the janitor is off.  We shouldn’t see a living soul in this place tonight.”  Ted replied.  “Now grab the windowsill and pull yourself up while I push you through the window.”


Zelma grabbed the windowsill and pulled with all her might.  Once she cleared the edge of the window with her waist she slid right into the dark room in the building.  It took her a minute but she remembered she had to help pull Ted up in through the window too.  Standing up she turns to face the opening and reaches out to grab Ted’s hands.


“Hay look out!  What you trying to do push me back out?”  Ted hisses as he butts his head into Zelma’s belly.


“Oh, I’m sorry!  I was just going to help you up, but I guess you don’t need any help, so I better just get out of the way so you can get in.”  Zelma steps back and to the right while she waits for Ted to come through the window.  “I hope you brought a flashlight or something it’s really dark in here.  I don’t know why I didn’t think it would be this dark; you know I can’t even tell what room we are in.  Is it one of the offices or a classroom?”


“Well I counted the windows and it should be the second grader classroom, but I could be wrong.  To be safe let’s just keep to the wall and work our way around to the door so we can get in to the hallway.  I put the stuff we would need in my locker so we wouldn’t have to carry it with us.  I didn’t want people to get suspicious, what would two kids be doing out after dark with book bags headed for the school.   It’s not like there is anything else out this way, so we couldn’t be going to the library cause it’s on the other side of town.”  Ted rattled as they moved along the wall bumping into bookcases and plant stands as they went.


Once they reached the hallway Ted grabbed Zelma’s hand pulling her along after him, “This way to my locker, up the stairs and halfway down the hall on the second floor, right next to the math room door.”  Ted said in a low voice as he tugged her along behind.


“Well now that we are in, what are we going to do?”  Zelma questioned Tom as she took the flashlight he offered her.  “I don’t think I could do anything to wreck the place and I sure don’t want to take anything.   Besides, there really isn’t anything to take that I’d want, it’s not like this school has much to offer to start with.”


“I don’t want to mess the place up or steal any of the junk.  I want to share a secret with you; I found this room down in the basement one day.  I was looking for the janitor in the boiler room and saw a door in the back wall.  Just as I was about to open it the janitor grabbed me and yelled at me, “What you think you’re doing in here.” You know, like I was skating on thin ice.”  Ted explained as they walked down the hall and stairs making their way to the boiler room located in the bowls of the building.


Zelma stopped short and froze to the spot, “What was that?  Did you hear anything, wait listen…there did you hear it?  It sounds like rustling paper or maybe even leaves, you know like in the fall and you’re walking through all the dead leaves on the ground.


Ted shined his flashlight around until it lite a banner that had come loss from the wall.  “That must be what you heard the banner for the Lewis & Clark museum that opens up this weekend.  I guess it’s a big deal for the little kids; all their classes are going on field trips there the next week when they get back to school.  Those of us in Jr. High aren’t going we already covered that course of study when we were in grade school.  Come on, let’s get going I don’t want to be here too long.  I’ve got stuff to do at home and my Dad will kill me if I’m out too late.”


Ted reached for the door knob and turns it as he pulls it open.  “Wow!  Look at that, who knew we had a swimming pool hidden under the gym floor.”

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Blogophilia Week 51.5 topic: Last Exit Before Hell

Blogophilia Week 51.5 topic:  Last Exit Before Hell

Bonus Points: 

(Hard, 2pts):  Quote Vincent Van Gogh

(Easy, 1pt):  Create and Include a Mystical animal in your blog

Final date to submit your guesses and to post your blog: February 16th, 2013 – Saturday, Midnight Pacific Time


Blogophilia 51.5  love on fire Please highlight or otherwise point out your bonus points attempts.  Correctly guessing who submitted the topic earns you points, as well as correctly guessing the picture “word or phrase” along with who submitted the picture!! Including the secret word or phrase within your blog content earns an additional point!!




Guesses:  burning desire, hot love, burning for you

Topic:  Sassysue

Picture: Irene


I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.  For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.  I wish they would only take me as I am.  These words could have been my own, but they come from Vincent Van Gogh.  I’ve said them often enough to think of them as mine, they sing from my heart and feel, as though they are mine.  I do believe the night is more alive than the day. I rejoice in the moon light or just start glow.  The sounds fill me with wonderful images that the daylight could never conger.   The lonely cry of the coyote drifting across the fields through the darkness sparks my mind.  This could be the sound of the banshee wailing across the moors, or that of a siren calling to the seaman through a thick fog.  Maybe this is the sound that sparked the writers of the past to dream these mystical creatures into being.


Moon light plays among the trees, dancing within darkness, where no one can really see.  The sounds that echo off the land leave me not to understand.  Are they one in the same, sound and sight playing throughout the night?  All the while my mind dreams of things not of the light, subtle shades of grey moving through the night.  Is it real or only shadows from the darkest night? Maybe they’re nothing more than figments of my mind discovering flight.  Shadows shaped like man and beast creeping not only among the trees but come into my home where everyone is sleeping.  I alone sit in the dark starring at my screen writing this for all to see, telling myself it’s only night’s trickery at work haunting me. The creaking of the floor the shifting of things I cannot see, those sounds have to be my pets or mice overhead. I cannot let myself believe they are the dead, for surely they have better things to do than hang around filling me with dread.


You see my monsters are not real; they live in my mind, and I call them fear.  Fear of what I cannot see the things that live in half-light, shadows in the day and in the night, something who took the last exit before hell, still looking for a place to dwell.


I know not if they have snarling teeth or ripping claws, they never stay in sight long enough to give real pause.  Just a glimpse is all you get.  From the corner of your eye or turning of your head but when you look again they are gone with only the feeling of dread left for too long.



I could deal with a furry ball having eyes like fire and paws with claws, whipping tongue 8 feet long and a snake skin belly so it could crawl.  This I could see and know was real, I’d show it to all who would stand still.  It’s the things that I cannot share those hiding in the half-light stare.  Those are the ones I fear as I know they are so very near.




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Blogophilia Week 41.5 topic: The Grim Weeper

Blogophilia Week 41.5 topic: The Grim Weeper

Bonus Points: 

(Hard, 2pts): Incorporate a character from the Twilight Saga series

(Easy, 1pt):  Mention crooked teeth

 Blogophilia 41.5 face in books

Final date to submit your guesses and to post your blog: December 8, 2012 – Saturday, midnight Pacific Time


Please highlight or otherwise point out your bonus points attempts. Guess correctly who submitted the topic… and a correct guess at who submitted the picture earns you additional points!!

Guess correctly the secret “word or phrase” earns a chance at more points. Including the secret word or phrase within your blog content  earns an additional point!!

Picture:  Christopher

Topic: Irene

Guesses:  Lost on the shelf, lost in a book, hidden on the shelves, hidden among the books, putting love upon the shelf, picture in words, the story of my life, life for all to see, everything is in books,



Crooked teeth forever laughing

Gapping, gnashing, mashing


Hopes and dreams

Of never being seen

Sparkling (Edward) in the light

Never kept out of sight

Grinning dark within the night


Grim among the books

Lost in the gaping hooks

For a story gem

Which contain him

Getting lost on the shelves

Amongst the lycans and the elves

Howling werewolves

Chasing tales

Oversized whales

Of white



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Blogophilia Week 40.5 – A Hazy Shade of Winter

Blogophilia Week 40.5 – A Hazy Shade of Winter

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): Include a song that has been remade (such as “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel remade by Boboflex’)

(Easy, 1pt):  Incorporate stormtroopers

Final date to post: December 1, 2012 – Saturday, midnight Pacific Time

Guesses:These shoes were made for walking, Stick with me, gum shoe, stuck on you, soul sticker, kick out the jams, what a pair, wild idea,

Topic: Tyler
Picture: Niki


This video feels as if we are in the months of Summer, warm and loving to all we encounter.  Though through the passing of time and an era filled with music such as this.

I’ve yet to understand how we have come to this, a hazy shade of winter.  When a song filled with warmth now has the feel of a much creeper time of darkness…

Is this just a reflection of the times we now live in or is there something much larger going on?  Something more sinister in nature, or I’m I looking for things that aren’t there to be found…

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Blogophilia week 39.5 – A Harvest of Thanks part 6

Blogophilia week 39.5 – A Harvest of Thanks

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): incorporate some gobbledygook in your blog

(Easy, 1pt): feature your favorite holiday treat, that is not Yorkshire pudding

The story picks up right where we left off in the blog posted before this one.  Hope you enjoy it…it’s the first story I’ve written that has given me shivers while writing it.

“That sounds like a good plan, I’m for it.  What do you say Ryan?”  I asked.

“Sounds good to me, all except the part about getting locked up in the funny farm with you two, so if we can keep that from happening, I think we have a plan.”  Ryan agreed.

I showed Hank to the guest bedroom bidding him a good night.  I sent Ryan to my room and grabbed pillow and blanket from the hall closet on my way to the coach.  I didn’t really think any of us would get as much sleep but at least this way we wouldn’t be trying to talk to one another when we needed to keep quiet.  I lay on the coach and replayed my encounters with the winged beasts, trying to figure out what they could be.  Other than looking like extremely tall men with wings who just happen to be all grey or black, but not like people from Africa, no, this was somehow different, unnatural.  Then, there was the white one I saw fighting with the black, what was that all about?  They looked the same except for the color; I wonder if there is something I’m missing.  Granted, I didn’t get good looks at their faces or features.  They were more like the old-fashioned cameos, as I could only see them in contrast with the changing background the first time.  Then the second time it was just dark shapes against the early-morning haze as the sun began to rise.  Shadows’ moving among shadows all but that one who jumped or few up to the window across the street, it was black against the shimmering candle light coming from the apartment window.  Once again, my vantage point did not give much detail and only a view of its back and wings.

Once again the sound of car horns and alarms roused me from sleep, I know with what I was trying to work out last night you would have thought I’d never fall asleep, but I did.  Although, I must say my dreams were quit disturbing.  This time I just lay where I was, I had no need or desire to go peeking out of any windows.  I knew what was outside and why it was causing such a raucous, and I refused to give in.

It didn’t take Hank long to come out to the living room once the noise started.  Ryan fallowed close behind, now with all of us in the same room the boisterous carrying on didn’t seem much more than everyday sounds of a rush hour street.   Both Hank and Ryan wanted to peek out to see what I had already seen.  I could tell by the way they kept starring at the closed draperies.   I gave them a nod to let them know it was fine with me, I only hoped they would be careful.

I joined them as they crept across the room to the windows; we spread apart each taking our own window as not to crowd each other.  Once in place we raised the curtain slowly from the bottom, just enough to peer beneath yet enough to see over the windowsill.  I don’t know what the others thought of what they saw that morning, but I must say I was ever so appreciative not to have seen anyone plucked from their window and thrown to the ground or rooftops of the parked automobiles below.   Still I wasn’t able to get a look at any faces or glean any real details of the creatures.  I can tell you that when the curtains were dropped both my companions were a whiter shade of pale, as all the color had drained from their faces.  They also seemed a bit at a loss for words until much later that morning, merely sitting on the floor in front of their windows.

I sat to work making out a list of supplies we needed for the road.  As we hadn’t really eaten the past couple of day’s food was top on the list fallowed by bottled water and road maps or atlas.  Along with an assortment of different-sized batteries, portable radio, hopefully one with weather and police frequencies if we could find one.  As well as candles, lighters, matches and some miscellaneous bath items, I wasn’t certain, how long we would end up on the road before we got away from what was happening here.  For that matter, I wasn’t assured this wasn’t happening elsewhere too.  Once the list was made, I unearthed my duffel bag and commenced to pack what was on hand, beginning to fill my list, along with a couple of shirts, pants and about ten pairs of socks.  I even grabbed a couple of old sweat shirts and sweaters just in case it got chilly, then went and got my pillow and blanket.  I figured there was no telling when or where I’d be sleeping once we left Monroe.

“Ryan, do we need to stop by your place to pick anything up?  You know like some clothes or any other personnel possessions you don’t want to leave behind?”  I asked as I secured the closure on my bag.

“No, we’re just going to Shreveport, not camping or around the world.  I’ve got money I can buy whatever I need until things get back to normal around here.”  Ryan retorted with an appearance of shocked bewilderment.

“ I’ve got my bag in the car.  I remember seeing a couple places on the way in that we can stop and pick up some junk food and batteries.”  Hank piped in as he eyed Ryan.

“What?  I just want to get the hell out of here!  The sooner we get going the sooner we can get some help.  Damn, I just want the last couple of weeks to be a really bad dream and wake up!”  Ryan exclaims in self-defense.  Throwing his arms in the air, “Besides, I don’t think we can drive to my place the streets are a mess.”

“Come with me Ryan, I have a bag you can use and maybe we can find some stuff that will fit you.”  I said as I started for my bedroom.

Once we got to the bedroom, I started pulling everything out of my bag.  Grabbing a small carry-on and started sorting the stuff out.  Putting the things we would need in the car into the smaller bag and the clothing and bedding in the larger bag.  Ryan found some clothing and bedding for himself.  On our way back out to join Hank, I stopped and grabbed some bedding for him too.  Remembering my mom saying I was such a boy scout who if the world was ending I’d be the one packing for it.  I hope that’s not the case now, I thought, stopping in the kitchen to get a few pots and pans as well as the aluminum foil.

Gazing around the apartment one last time, “I guess that’s it.  Time to head out and put some distance between us and this insanity, we have a long way to go and the sun won’t stay up forever.”  I said just as something caught my eye, a book, in the bookcase.  I walked over and grabbed it along with a few other books, stuffing them in my small carry-on.

We loaded the big bags in the trunk of the cab, and then climbed in, ready to go at last.  We didn’t get far; looking up Hank saw someone standing in front of the car, as he prepared to pull away from the curb.  “Whoa!   Hold on now, who do we have here?”  Hank questioned no one, in particular, bemusement pricking the corners of his mouth.

Ryan and I both looked up to see what Hank was on about.  “Don’t know!”  We said in unison.

Standing before use was a young lady.  Her face was strained with fear as her eyes darted in all directions.  She carried what appeared to be a pillow case stuffed with something other than a pillow.  Moving to the driver-side window, she motioned for Hank to lower the glass.  As soon as a gap started to show between the glass and the rubber encasement channel she leaned down and asked if we would take her with us. The sound of her plea was that of a child begging for a sweet.

Without any preamble, Ryan popped his door open and told her to get in.  Hank and I looked at one to the other before turning to see Ryan sliding over as she climbed in, closing the door quickly behind her.  “Oh, thank you, thank you!  I’m Lisa Hampton.  I live over there.”  Lisa was pointing to a building catty-corner across from the one I live in.  “I saw you pulled up yesterday and hoped I wouldn’t miss you before you left.  I ran down then, but you had gone inside so I waited until the last minutes of daylight but when you didn’t come back down I returned to my apartment until this morning and started the wait all over again.  I haven’t seen any people but you in days; in fact, it’s been almost a week.  I was starting to think I was the last one alive around here.  I cannot thank you enough for letting me come with you, really I don’t think I could have stood being cooped up all by myself another day.  I don’t even care where you are going, I just have to get out of here and be with people.  You really have no idea how hard this has been on me.  What with all the creep stuff going on at night and the people disappearing.  The last person I talked was my sister, we were in the apartment and had the doors and windows all locked up tight waiting for this to be over.  I went into the bathroom and when I came back to the sitting room, she was gone!  She never said she was leaving or anything, so I went around looking for her in the apartment, but I never did find hide-nor-hair of her, and everything was still all locked up.  Now, let me tell you that scared the pants off me, and how!  If she didn’t live with me, I’d swear I dreamed the whole thing.”

Once Lisa was in and told us where she came from I motioned for Hank to take off.  I didn’t want to sit here on the street any longer than needed too. It wasn’t so much in hopes of not picking up any more people, but not losing any more daylight.  It wasn’t long before we reached the first gas-station convenience store, we pulled in and Hank and I got out.  I thought it was best if we didn’t leave the car unattended, and it would go faster if just the two of us went in and grabbed the things we needed.  I told Ryan he, and Lisa could go into the next one if they needed anything or wanted anything.  I hoped we would be able to get everything in one stop but felt I should give them both a shot at picking up anything they may want.  Especially since neither one had much to start with for whatever reason.    When Hank and I got inside we split up, he checked the front of the store while I went and checked out the storeroom in the back.  I placed some boxes I found on the two-wheeler I found next to the door in which I entered.  One   of the shipping cartons had beef jerky in it, and the other was filled with different sizes of batteries.  I felt like I hit the mother-load, except, I wasn’t sure where we would find room for it all.  I met up with Hank in the front of the shop; he had the answer to my dilemma.  He led me to an aisle in which they had automotive items; bungee straps were among them.  Hank, likewise, found stacks of bottled water sealed in cardboard trays with stretch wrap that would have to be affixed on the top of the car.  I also grabbed up some toilet paper and baby wipes, you just never know when you’re going to need stuff like that.  Hank took a bottle of charcoal starter and bagged up as many flashlights as he could as well as a sack filled with potato chips and candy bars.  In a strange way, I didn’t feel like we were stealing, but at the same time it didn’t feel right even so.  By law, we were stealing, but as things are right now, there didn’t seem to be any law, man made or otherwise.   Under these conditions, it felt more like survival of the fittest or a no holds barred match of sorts.

It took us some time to strap everything that we could fit onto the car roof.  We passed out water and everyone got some candy bars, chips, and jerky.  You wouldn’t have thought anything so bad for you could taste as good as Christmas ham but this did.  I received a harvest of thanks for the meager offerings.   I can’t speak on behalf of the others, but at this point, I cannot remember the last time I’d eaten anything.

We made our way through the city with little trouble, there were a few cars blocking the streets here and there, which we had not encountered during the trip in.  It didn’t take much to work our way around them, after all Hank was a taxi driver.  We reached the second convenience store on the outskirts of town; Lisa wanted to stop, she said she needed a potty break before we really got going out on the road where there wouldn’t be any place to do her business.  So we stopped, and before we left we all decided that she had a good idea and did the same.   The countryside looked much the same as it did the last time I passed through.  No traffic and a great deal of wide-open space, a few scrub bushes dotted the flat land but no trees.  It all gave me the feeling; we were the last people on earth, looking out at the nothingness of it all.  Hank pulled the car into the driveway at the hospital.  We had agreed to check in on the staff and patients when we made our plans.  Just to see how they were managing in the wake of these events.  As well as to see if they had heard what was going on in Monroe.   It all appeared as though nothing had changed, but then why would it; it only was a couple of days.  I guess in my mind it should have turned dark and foreboding in some way.  This being the last place I ever wanted to see, let alone come back too.

Hank stopped the car in front of the entrance to the facility.  I got out and headed up to the double doors, hoping that someone would come to meet me, which is the norm.  No one came to greet me either outside or inside. I proceeded to the front desk but saw no one manning the post.  It wasn’t the first time I’d seen the desk unoccupied, looking over the area; I could see nothing out of the ordinary.  I then walked down the hall to the left of the desk leading to the doctors’ offices.  With three doctors on staff, there was a good chance I’d find at least one in his office.  Yes, I can say his as there are no women doctors on staff here at this hospital.  In fact, most of the personnel are grisly old timers without families for one reason or another.

Halfway down the hall it commenced, I could hear voices but couldn’t discern from where they were coming from.  I kept on investigating the offices, moving forward in the hall until I reached its end and a set of double doors and a new hallway leading further into the hospital.  The voices were growing louder with every step I took, alas; I was no closer to finding the person or persons responsible for them or any of the doctors.  It would seem they were busy elsewhere in the building.  Not knowing the layout of the hospital beyond, I was reluctant to go any further, but tried the doors just the same.  They were unlocked so I went through to the room inside.  It was a very large room with many tables and chairs both at the tables and set in groupings like little sitting rooms.  The visitation room where family and friends could visit with the patients, I thought to myself.   I couldn’t see anyone in the nurses’ station beside the doors I’d just passed through as I walked slowly past.  Stepping beyond the small room I could see there was a group of people in the back corner, the source of the voices.  With caution, I approached the group, not sure if a doctor was among them.  However, sure I didn’t want to surprise any of them, just in case they were a violent bunch.  I had traveled about halfway between the corner of the nurses’ nook and the group of people, when I was accosted by an accusing statement coming from behind me.  “You, you are the bringer of death!”

I froze on the spot after the initial start of surprise that had caused me to practically jump from my skin.   Slowly turning to see who was behind m.  I could see the group was now looking at me as well.  Dread flowed over me as I feared I may be in for some trouble.  I was feeling trapped between the two.   Not sure I wanted the group out of view; I stepped back to the wall, now I could see the group as well as the small child-like figure of a woman.    Well, childlike in stature anyway, as for the rest she looked to be as old as Methuselah.  Skin brown and wrinkled as one of those apples carved faces, with the texture of leather, her hair was gray and coarse, reminding me of steel wool, rather long but still sticking out in all directions.  Standing with the assistance of a hand carved well buffed cane, gripped with fingers as gnarled and knotty though not as polished.   I know she doesn’t sound scary.  Look in her clear ebony eyes was indeed freighting.  Eyes without pupils is daunting to say the least, accompany this with an unyielding gaze, sent shivers racing all over my body.

“No, it wasn’t you.  Awe, but you were there when they were brought over.  You saw who it was, yes, but you do not know that you saw them.  They are near; I can feel them.  Maybe you brought them with you?  Did you come alone or with others?”  The Witchy grandmother said, lilting her head to the right as the question hung on the air between us.

“A…I don’t know what you are talking about, but I didn’t come here looking for trouble.”  I stammered, inching away from her without taking my eyes off the creepy little woman.

“You know exactly what I’m speaking of.  It’s why you have returned to this gawd awful, ghastly place.   It has not reached us yet, but it is following close behind you.  We will surely see it and feel its effects tonight.  Of that you can be sure.  Now, tell me who you have brought with you.  One is not what you think they are or can it be you do not know them as well as you believe.   Either you fetch them to me or me to them.”  The woman snapped.

“Now hold on there, lady!  I don’t have time for this gobbledygook.  I need to speak with one of the employees can you please tell me where I can find someone?”  I growled back.

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Blogophilia week 38.5 – The Man Who Sold the World part 5

Blogophilia week 38.5 – The Man Who Sold the World

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts):  Incorporate an illicit affair into your blog

(Easy, 1pt):  Use the phrase “interplanetary space”


Final date to post BLOG: November 17, 2012 – Saturday, midnight Pacific Time

Final date to post ALL GUESSES: November 16, 2012 – Friday, midnight Pacific Time

Guesses:  on the front line, sitting this one out, under attack, watching the game, playing the game, part of the game, on the side lines, King of the game, playing king, lost in the game, checkmate, waiting to make my move, not dressing the part, undercover, all in a row,

Picture:  David II

Topic:  Dave (the blue dude)

I noticed a sound.  It was like that of a child tapping, and it gradually becoming louder, riotous until the pounding was that of the police breaking in the door.  I got up shakily at first, gaining balance, purpose as I made my way through the apartment.  Reaching the door, I stopped, smoothed my hair and clothing before seeing who or what was trying to get in my apartment.  Such habits seem so out of place, but habits, none the less, are hard to break; especially when the world around you has become strange and unfamiliar.

Peeking through the peep hole, I was surprised to see my best friend Ryan at the door.  He looked upset and scared, looking up and down the hall as if sure something was going to show up and get him.  I’ve seen him look like this before when he’s smoked a bit too much of his special blend.  No matter, the reason for his behavior I was truly glad to see a friendly face.  I hurried to open the door and let him in.  Fumbling with the chain in one hand and turning the deadbolt with the other, I managed to get the door unlocked.

I had no more than gotten done when he pushed through as if someone set his pants on fire.  “What the hell is wrong with you?  Why did you call me after dark?  Don’t you know you could have gotten me killed?  Hell you could have gotten us both killed, pulling a stunt like that!” Ryan ranted almost as fast as he shut and bolted the door behind himself.  He headed straight for the refrigerator, opening it and looking for what I don’t know, but he must not have found it because he closed it right up without taking anything.  Only to begin walking around the center island that marked the location where the living-room ended and the kitchen began.  Round and round he went, until I thought I would go mad.  It’s not like I wasn’t already on the verge of going over the edge.  After what I saw, I was primed and ready to jump out of my skin. With all the ranting and raving he was doing accompanied by his ambling through the rooms.   Mixed with the vibe I was getting from Ryan.  It was making my anxieties high than they had ever been since this all started.

“Sit down already will ya?  I got some questions I need answers to myself, like what the hell is going on around here?  Why’s the power out for starters?  And what’s with the phone and no operator on duty at the phone company?   Why didn’t you answer when I called, I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out what is going on!  I finally get home after being locked up for weeks and it’s like the worlds gone mad.  So tell me it’s the world gone mad, I’d hate to think it takes getting out of the nut hut to find out you really are crazy, coo-coo in the head, or just plain bonkers!” I was almost shouting at him by the end.

Ryan stopped moving then turned to me and motioned for me to sit down.  I pointed to the couch and we both walked over and sat, I on the couch and he in the recliner.  Perched on the front edge of the seat, Ryan looked lost in thought as if trying to figure out how to start or where to start, it didn’t take long and he was off and running.

“Okay…yeah, I guess it did start that night we dared you to spend the night in the grave yard.  You remember that freak storm that came from nowhere; well it did a lot of damage.  Starting with the power station, you know how the power goes out sometime with a big storm, no big deal right.  Well this was a big deal, because it wasn’t just a few transformers hit by lighting, or some freak power surge.  No this took the whole station, burned right down to the ground, man.  Same thing with all the other utilities, the water plant, the gas company, even the phone company.  It was like someone knew just what to knock out to get people all worked up and in a panic, cause it did just that.  The cell towers were burning up as people were calling the cops, the fire department, city hall the TV & radio stations and newspapers’, trying to find out what was happening.  At first everyone thought it was terrorists, but no threats were ever called in and nothing else seemed to be happening after that first night.  Well people started to settle down and the authorities told everyone it was just a freak storm, ya know all that mother nature crap, anyway the mayor found a way to tap into the rural water system and hook up with some other cities energy grid at least until we can get ours rebuilt.  That was great except that’s when people started calling in all kinds of strange shit.  Some called to say there were Aliens outside their houses while others called screaming about demons from hell killing their pets and livestock out on the edges of town.  Within a week the missing people reports where insane, first it was teenagers not coming home after some sports event then it was husbands and wives not coming home from the night shift  before long the count was in the hundreds.  The police were telling people not to go out at night, forcing curfews and closing up factories and all manner of businesses, which was easy enough because all those people were gone anyway.  It was getting hard for some to open at all with all the workers either gone or too scared to come out of their homes.  Well this worked for a couple of nights but next thing I know there are people next door when you go to bed but they are all gone by morning, and the sounds coming from the streets is enough to make you hide in a closet with your face pressed in a pillow to muffle your own cries and earplugs to block out everything else.

That’s when the announcements started about the power being shut-down at dusk every night and for people to stay indoors without light and be quiet until further notice.   That was about a week and a half ago, I aint heard anything else from no one, not until you tried to call me last night.  But man the shit I seen would make your hair turn white!  And I hope you know what kind of chance I took come over here to see you, man I could have been killed or worse getting here.

Well that’s all I know, other than those things come out at night and are attracted to light and sound and there’s a good chance if you see one, well let’s just say it’ll be the last thing you see.”  Ryan spilled his guts, hands trembling and shaking his head in disbelief of his own words.

I sat and listened to the story he had to tell, never saying a word, not until he was done anyway.  That’s when I told him about what I’d seen in the cemetery and how it got me locked up when the caretaker found me the next morning rattling on about the sights I’d seen.  Damp and cold from the storm and a night spent in the crypt half crazed with fear.  That’s when I got up and fetched us each a glass of water, I knew I could use something to wet my dry mouth and wash the bitter taste of fear down.

I settled back on the couch and recounted the events of the predawn hour, of how the creatures had made so much noise, as if to draw people to the windows and or out onto the street itself.  Of how I’d peeked out under the drape for fear of being seen, even though I had no idea what was going on, only to witness the result of ripping the drapes back to see what had caused all the brouhaha in the street below.  At how the winged beast leaped into the air and hovered at the window across from my own.  How out of terror I’d dropped the curtain fastening my hands over my mouth to restrain any noise from reverberating.  Only to wish I had covered my ears as adamantly as my clenched lips, for the screaming echo’s and subsequent thudding crash that set off even more horns and alarms was virtually unbearable.

Ryan became excited to hear I’d seen the beasts, as to why this should be exciting was beyond me.  I’d seen them before and had hoped never to see them again, alas that wasn’t my luck.  I tried to get Ryan to settle down so we could work out some kind of plan for survival, or at least figure out a place we could go to get away from this madness.

I guessed that if I could drive into the city we should be able to drive out as well.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a car but Ryan did.  That was both good news and bad, Ryan didn’t think he could get it out of the parking garage he kept it in.  It seemed that when all this got creepy crazy some people tried to leave and in their panicked state they wrecked a lot of cars in that garage exit and entrance as well.

Thinking out loud, I asked Ryan if he still remembered how to hot wire a car?  Or if the new cars were set up different enough that the way he did it, it wouldn’t work?   While we mulled this all over, I heard a single toot on a car horn.  Looking first at Ryan then shrugging my shoulders, I got up and went to the window.  From the side I pushed back the drape and peered down to the street below, to my surprise, there in front of my building was a taxi.  It looked to be that of the one I arrived in just the day before, as it was pulled up in the same spot just facing the other way.

I told Ryan what I saw, and then said, “Come on”.  He got up and we headed down to see if indeed it was the same taxi, as to why it would be here was beyond belief, and far more than I could have hoped for at that particular point in time.  To say this was a gift from God, well that would have been absurd.  As strange as it seems to have happen I don’t think God had anything to do with it.

Once we made it to the entrance way I said to Ryan “stay put while I checked it out, and for him to keep his eyes open for any of those things so I could get back without incident”.    Using all the courage and stealth I could muster I crept out onto the street, scurrying in a crouch to the cab.  Looking right and left as I approached the vehicle, once I reached it I peeked up through the front passenger side window.  Sure enough it was the cab driver from the day before; I popped the door open and climbed inside.

“So, what brings you back, did I forget something?”  I ask the driver, with a grin spreading across my face.

“No, you didn’t forget anything.  Have you any idea what is going on around here?”  The cab driver asked in return, with a mixture of fear and surprise painted over his face.   “ I’ve seen some old newspapers down at the garage and the things I’ve seen are enough to make your hair curl.  I didn’t know if you knew anything or not, and well I haven’t been able to find anyone I know.  No one will answer their phones and all the houses I’ve gone to were either empty or boarded up like Fort Knox and no one would answer the door.  I guess I figured you might be in the same boat, so I took a chance and came over here before I get out of town.  I thought maybe you would rather be with someone as opposed to being on your own, I know I would feel safer with someone else with me.  By the way, my name is Hank, Hank Orren.”  Holding his hand out for me to take, either in greeting or in agreement to his proposal, either way I took it and we shock hands.

“Evan, Evan Walkin, glad to know ya, Hank.  Better yet, I’m delighted you came back for me. I was just talking with my friend Ryan, which you will be meeting soon, about how we could get out of town. “Turning back to the front door of my apartment building, I waved to Ryan.  Our signal that it’s all good and he should come on out and join us in the taxi.

Ryan shook his head and waved me back, then stepped back from the door, a look of agitation and concern on his face.  Puzzled, I turned back to Evan and said, “turn it off and come with me, it seems Ryan wants us inside.”

Back up in the apartment all three men settle into the living room, introductions already taking place on the stairs during the trip up.  Ryan had also explained why he wanted everyone back inside the building, it was getting too close to sunset to be leaving town, in his estimation.   We all agreed it would be best to stay put and make some kind of real plan before we left in the mid-morning hours.  Meanwhile we set to getting to know more about each other, comparing what we’ve seen to what we know and don’t know.  As it turns out, I’ve seen more, Ryan experienced more of the events, while Evan had more information to add to what Ryan underwent.

Ryan, “wait, tell me Hank, how come you weren’t here for the entire goings on?  You’re a cab driver so how could you miss all the fun?”

“Easy, I don’t live here.  I live in Shreveport; it’s about one hundred miles east of here.   I make a couple of runs a week to the hospital where I picked up your friend, Evan.  I usually drop of one of the Doctors for his “Duties” for the weekend as he calls it, but everyone knows he’s having an illicit affair with one of the nurses.  Well everyone at the hospital, anyway and I don’t doubt that his wife knows about it as well.  Anyway, this time I pull up to make the drop and one of the orderlies is waiting for me.  He runs up and tells me to wait I got a passenger needing a ride to Monroe.  Well I got friend lives here in Monroe so I figure if they are going to pay the fair to Monroe and back to Shreveport as well as for my lodgings, what the hell, why not.   I’ll look up my buddy and we’ll make a night of it, but once I got to the garage I couldn’t find anyone there, so I tried to call my friend but couldn’t get an answer.  I head to the motel but there isn’t anyone at the desk or in the office, I checked so I grabbed me a key off one of the hooks and went to the room.  I hit the vending machine on my way, figured there wouldn’t be any room services either, what with no one around and all.   Well like you, no TV, no Radio, but I did get some newspapers out of the lobby, some of them were a week old and the newest one was dated three days ago.  I spent most of my time reading about what’s been happening and none of it sounded too good, that’s for sure.  That’s when I decided to come back and see if you wanted to ride out with me.  I thought we could head on over to the Barksdale Air Force Base just outside Shreveport.  They should know what is going on around here and if not we can let them know so they can come check it out.  No point them sitting on the sidelines, they should be in the game.   At least that was my plan until you told me about the interplanetary space monsters you’ve been seeing.  If we go telling them all that stuff, well, they’ll be sending you back to the hospital and us right along with you.  This all sounds too much like some Sci-Fi movie when the man who sold the world screwed up and opened the door to the underworld by mistake.”

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Blogophilia week 37.5 – Wrapped Around Your Heart Part 4


Blogophilia week 37.5 – Wrapped Around Your Heart

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts):  Quote Langston Hughes or include a line from his poetry

(Easy, 1pt):  Mention an owner’s manual


Guesses:  The moon and Star(s), wrapped around a star, a star in your smile, the moon and star floating in the sea, the twinkle in my eye, a twinkle in your eye, I’ll give you the stars and moon,  let the stars and moon guide you across the sea,  the stars and moon blanketed in a sea of blue/green


Picture:  Poppy

Topic:  Poppy


Once in found the door to my apartment getting the key in the slot the right way around wasn’t as easy as one might think.  After I got it to work, the next mission was finding a flash light and some candles.  I was sure I had some stashed in a kitchen drawer, just in case I ever had a date I wanted to impress with a candle lite super.  Silly me, thinking one day I would be saying, “I’m wrapped around your heart”.  I was doing good to get a date period.  Humor is laughing at what you haven’t got when you ought to have it.  Oh well no need to dwell on it now, I still need to find out what is going on here.


I wish I still had my old batter powered portable radio.   Maybe the clock radio will work; it has batters to back-up the alarm clock.  Grabbing the package of batters along with the long white candles, I headed for the bedroom.  Still feeling a bit creeped out over all the strangeness going on the last few weeks, I checked the hall closet, the bathroom and the bedroom out for anything the slits bit queer.  Seeing nothing out of the ordinary I plopped down on the bed and turned on the radio part of my alarm clock.


I have to admit I was a little surprised when it worked, well almost worked, all I got was static.  Flipping through the dial as slowly as I could, my anxiety growing by the second, just as I was about to give up I hit on a public announcement  but it was so garbled with static I just couldn’t make out what it was saying.  I heard:  local, TV, system, millet,  air, wave and cover but it was so mixed up I or I’m so mixed up after listening to it over and over I cannot remember which order I heard what…Damn, damn and double damn!!  Well at least I know something is going on but I still don’t know what it is.  Turning off the radio I was suddenly hit by how quiet it was.  Until just that moment my mind had been so busy getting things and doing stuff, I hadn’t really paid attention to the lack of noise even in the building.  Come to think of it, I didn’t see any light coming from under any of the doors I passed in the hallway coming up here.


Jumping to my feet, I shot across the room to the windows pulling the curtains back.  Peering out into the overly dark blackness not know to any city-scape.  I look across the way, to the left and then to the right as well as up and down the buildings I could see.  Out of hundreds of would be windows, there were maybe half a dozen with any light peeking out from behind closed drapes.  Just little slivers of light mind you, this could all just be wishful thinking on my part.  So to be sure I went into the bathroom and repeated it as well as into the front room, each time the same number kept popping up.


Think man, think where else can I find out what the hell is going on?  Around and around I paced first one way then the other, back and forth from living room to kitchen and back again.  Something caught my eye, slapping my hand to my thigh, my cell phone!  Sure enough, there it was on its charger in the corner on the dining table.  I’ll call the police station; surely someone there will be able to tell me something.  Grabbing the phone I turned it on and it came to life full bars and fully charged.  I was in luck at last, I thought.  Punching in 911 and got a busy signal, hanging up I went to find the phone book.  While looking I tried some of my friends numbers, I even tried my employer, no answer at any of them.   Finding the phone book under an old owner’s manual, in the drawer in the nook where the wall phone is, I thought I’d give the operator a try…no good, not even a dial tone.  Flipping the pages I picked out random numbers and called them.  Most didn’t give me anything but endless ringing, a few answering machines picked up, but no live voices answered my calls.  After an hour or more I gave it up as a lost cause and turned my cell off to save the batter, for what I didn’t know but just in case.


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